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Zephyrus, ruler of the West Wind, kneels upon a cloud as he expels wind from his mouth. His hair and cape blow in the wind as he holds a sword in his left hand.

  • one of four children born of the union of Eos, goddess of the dawn, and Astraeus, personification of the starry night sky – Notus (South Wind), Eurus (East Wind), Boreas (North Wind) and Zephyrus (West Wind)
  • along with Boreas, he was worshipped as a savage and baleful force of nature
  • immature and unbridled, both brothers took pleasure in brewing storms and tossing the waves of the sea
  • he was spiteful and malicious in nature, although his disposition softened after he married Iris, after which he eventually transformed into sweet-scented wind that fanned the Elysium plains
  • announces the arrival of Spring
  • nascent, unformed and primitive beginnings of the element of air in the form of the first stirrings of independent mental activity and formulation
  • querulous and prone to cruel gossip, mockery, rudeness and general mischievousness
  • the playful exercise of thought and speech before values or ethics can intervene to shape and direct the mental activity
  • gossip, which can wound and become powerful enough to destroy a reputation or relationship
  • an energy that needs to be nurtured and directed without being crushed for it embodies man’s child-like curiosity about life, the world and people
  • a messenger who carries thoughts and ideas and provides the basis for new intellectual concepts to flourish
  • unkind gossip and deceit on the one hand and just, fair, logical and reasonable qualities on the other
  • a new phase in which one’s rational mind must be developed
  • an intellectual person
  • a conscious desire to develop the abstract or conceptual side of one’s personality
Random Thoughts
  • words that cut like a knife
  • nosiness
  • child-like curiosity of cause and effect
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