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Mythic Tarot - Eight Swords

Surrounded by eight swords with their points in the ground, Orestes is caught between Apollo and the Furies. He knows that whatever action he takes will seal his doom.

  • bondage through fear due to both full knowledge of the situation and the probably consequences of any choice
  • delaying making a choice
  • paralyzing indecision
  • conscious awareness of oneís own part in creating the current situation
  • sooner or later there is a confrontation which forces one to make a decision that one has been avoiding
  • realization that oneís subterfuges and delaying tactics have made the situation worse
  • being trapped or bound in a situation which causes unhappiness and the fear of what might happen if one tries to remove oneself from the situation is just as bad
  • the need to accept responsibility, understand what one really wants and act once and for all
  • damned if you do and damned if you donít
  • the need to find oneís own solution out of a situation and incur the consequences oneself
  • knowing what must be done and accepting the consequences of those actions
Random Thoughts
  • a no-win situation
  • being between a rock and a very hard place
  • ďdonít do the crime if you canít do the timeĒ means that one shouldnít take an action if one isnít ready to accept the consequences of the action

Keyword/phrase that I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "between a rock and a hard place".

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