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Originally Posted by nisaba
Using a round deck never occurred to me for the 7x3 thingie. How does that work: three circles of seven cards? I'd love to try that.
Given circles of the same size, 6 will fit perfectly around a 7th.

Begin the three separate sets with the Sun, Judgement and World cards. These will form the center of each set.

Then above each and touching what will be the central card, place the Magician, High Priestess and Empress.

To the right of the Magician, place the Emperor, so that it touches both the Magician and the Sun cards. Do the same with the Hierophant (set 2) and Lovers (set 3).

Next place the Chariot below the Emperor and touching the Sun, and continue with all the rest of the cards (except the Fool).

You'll end up with three flower-like circular sets of 6 cards surrounding your original three.

Another interesting thing about this is that cards that are directly across the central card are from the same Lifetime Card group: 18-9, 17-8, 16-7, plus you have 1-19-10, 2-20-11, 3-21-12 reading from top to bottom of each circle set. And the "virtues" 8, 11 & 14 end up right next to each other.

For more exciting things to be discovered see pg. 94 ff (Chapter 9) of my book Tarot Mirrors.
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