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And here's what's been bugging me, if I may throw in my 2 cents:
if we're talking about the 7 virtues, why are we not talking about the 7 deadly sins? Someone started a topic on this independently:

Maybe it would fit in with this system?

(other things that have been bothering me pertain to the minors - especially moving the page and knight to the left - tsk!

But an interesting thing on the male-female/active-passive paths: I had my first chance to look at a thoth deck recently and I didn't know the court order, it's different, right? The owner of the deck couldn't remember either, so we checked the LWB and I don't remember the names now, but they were listed in an order that wouldn't require reversing the order of putting them down in the pattern, much better. I don't know much about Crowley's faithfulness to the "original" and what is considered the "original" order in this thread. I also have no idea about the publisher of that deck and the liberties they took with it - wouldn't be surprising if it was a Polish translation and print, but I think it was LS or smth originally western).
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