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I absolutely love this Fool card! It reminds me so much of myself now that I've got my Hoveround. My little dog sits on my footrest when he gets tired of running along beside and I've got bags and backpacks all over the chair---I even have Harley saddlebags for the arms for a big shopping day---and I'm so glad to be able to be outside again that I don't pay very good attention to where I'm going sometimes because I'm so busy saying, "Oh my gosh, just smell the flowers!" and "oh, look how pretty those trees are!" or "doesn't the grass smell nice so freshly mowed and with the sprinkler on it?" It's like seeing and smelling and experiencing things for the first time all over again, almost.

All my life I've gone against the flow so that river is apt. And I've taken quite a few drift boat rides down the rapids of the McKenzie River in my day, too. Pretty FOOL-ish since I don't swim and there are so many underwater snags to get caught in even with a life jacket so you can drown even if you do swim.

I've always heard the definition of "serendipity" as meaning "the art of having happy accidents" or something to that effect, and that's often happened to me in my life. I like that that's the boat's name, too.

I think this card captures the happy innocence of the Fool so very well. Much better than a lot of them do. And with any card, it's our identification with it that will make it extra readable for us.
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