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Originally Posted by Flavio
I recently discovered Tarot Dame's blog, she received the "To all believers" card in her daily readings, she used it intuitively adding one more card in the reading to see what's behind the curtain, whether we see inside or just came out from it.

Here are links to the readings so far:

Reading 1
Reading 2
I know I'm commenting on a year old thread, but I wanted to say thanks for posting those links!

When I first saw this thread I wondered what the "to all believers" card was. The HR deck I have doesn't have this card.

I know it probably wasn't your intent when posting, but I was very happy to be able to take a look at the card in those links. I like it & I'm almost disappointed that it was taken out of the deck I have.
"What's behind the curtain" is a great suggestion for using it in a reading.

(Story behind my HR deck: I'd been looking at decks & thought that the HR looked pretty nice & I might want to get that deck at some point. Well no more than a few days later, my bf found an HR deck (in the box, not shuffled, cards still in order) in the spare bedroom closet. My friend/ex-roommate must have left it there (after taking out the "to all believers" card apparently), but she's been gone for months now & the closet was empty when she left! And we'd both been in that closet several times since she moved & we never saw it.)
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