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here is mine....

king of pents and queen of cups (KP & QC)

KP comes home on friday after a whole week of being away on a bussiness trip full of profitable negotiations.......

KP: honey, i am home.......
QC: finally, i missed ya
dinner is cooking and will be ready in half an hour, i was planning on us having a nice candlelight dinner for just the two of us........
KP: hmmmm, i hate to spoil your plans, but you better turn of the stove. i have a bussinessdinner tonight with people from a company that looks great for a takeover, and i need you with me.
QC: oh no, you can't be serious, not after a whole week of being away for bussiness......
KP: yes i am, and we are going to that new hot place downtown, so i want you to look your very best.
QC: damn you !!!
KP: don't forget to put on that necklace and bracelet i bought you last month......

down at the restaurant

KP: let's dance honey....
QC: you just wanna show off with me, looking pretty for your bussinessfriends, smooching them up.
KP: now, we are NOT going to fight here over this, let's DANCE

ordering dinner

KP: i will have the roastbeef and for my wife the same.....
QC: no, no i don't eat red meat, i'd rather have the smoked salmon....
KP: for my wife also the roastbeef, and a bottle of your best red wine.
QC: you know i don't drink !!!
KP: yes, you do tonight.....

later, home again

QC: you are such a selfrightious male chauvinist pig, the only thing you care about is you and your bussiness, i am nothing more to you than just an asset, a statussymbol, a doll you want to dress as you like and put jewelry on as a christmastree.
the one kid we have is not enough, as you want the average 2.5 and a dog and a big house, just for status.
sex is also just for your own pleasure, as long as you are satisfied.
i have had it with you, i am sick and tired of providing every one of your needs.....!!!!

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