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Originally Posted by MariaPeea
Sometimes I cant understand why people see the world as 'over'. THe world is a circle, it never stops spinning, rotating, revolving...sometimes I see it as 'loose ends being tied up', as a lot of the time on the World cards there's a sash or something surrounding the World, which means that anything that needed to be cleared up from the past has been, and now you guys can continue how you like. Whether or not that means its over, or going to get way better, is totally up to you.

However, depending on the context and the other cards, this is probably one of the best cards you can get for 'how he feels about you.' Unless this is a friend and you guys were arguing, and you finally put all that stuff behind you to rest. Then the world could just be showing his feelings of satisfaction at everything being sorted out. Yah know?
I have seen The World in other readings represent "closure" wrapping it up, putting it away, the cycle is that's where the alternative interpretation comes from.

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