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Originally Posted by MariaPeea
Sometimes I cant understand why people see the world as 'over'...
I think it's because if you look at the Major Arcana as the Fool's Journey (as many people do), the World #21 is the final card before moving once again to the Fool #0* and starting all over again. That doesn't have to mean that a relationship is completely finished (if it's a reading about a relationship); however, it is finished as it stands, and the couple will move to a new phase next--either divorce or marriage (to put it very simply.) But the relationship or phase of the relationship being described--if seen as a Fool's Journey cycle-- is completed once it gets to the World level.

Edited to add:

*The Fool is sometimes numbered at #22, but for the sake of discussion, I see it at #0, as it is numbered in, I think, most decks.
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