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Originally Posted by nisaba
I've never seen it numbered at all: 22 or 0.

I have, however, seen it included in different places in the Majors when initially packed by publishers. The pre-20th century placing was most often between Judgement and The World; post-twentieth century is is most often before the Magician. I've never seen it numbered, though. What decks have you seen it numbered in?
There are many interesting discussions on the numbering of trumps in the Historical Research and Kaballah & Alphabet sections at AT, which is where I first read about the Fool being numbered as #22 (though, at the moment, I can't point you to a specific deck name--it may have been very early decks.) Perhaps, someone will come along with that info.

p.s. When I said the Fool was number 0 in "most" decks...I misspoke. I meant I have seen it as #0 in more decks than I have ever "seen it" or read about it as #22. But, yes, it is unnumbered in many decks, as well. Sorry for the confusion.
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