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I really like Richard H. Geer's Sky Spread and I look at it as a good variation of some elements from the Celtic Cross.

I also just found another version of the CC that Lee posted in this thread:

Here is an interesting way of reading the Celtic Cross which is contained in the book to the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Cynthia Giles.

She uses nine cards, not ten. She doesn't use a crossing card .

Her position meanings are as follows:

1. Present situation.
2. (underneath) Unconscious knowledge.
3. (to the left) Past influences.
4. (above) Conscious knowledge.
5. (to the right) Future events.
6. Querent's view.
7. View of others.
8. Hopes and fears.
9. Future direction.

Now, she suggests reading the cards so as to tell a story, like so:

"Once upon a time, ________ happened (Card 3, past events). So later, ___________ (Card 1, present situation). The central character (querent) believed ____________ (Card 4, conscious knowledge), but didn't realize that ___________ (Card 2, unconscious knowledge). He/she perceived _____________ (Card 6, querent's view), but everyone else thought ____________ (Card 7, others' view). Then, unexpectedly, _____________ (Card 5, future events). The central character didn't know what to do because he/she was very afraid/hopeful that ____________ (Card 8, hopes and fears). If nothing changed, it seemed certain that ___________ (Card 9, future outcome)."

I think it's an interesting exercise to try this out. Ultimately it might be a little limiting to do all your readings this way, but I think it helps in terms of pulling the reading together into a story. -- Lee

Here are some others...

My Cross Of Advice - By Sulis

For those questions where you need a little advice on how to proceed I use this modified (by me) cross spread:




Card 2 is placed horizontally across the first card to form a mini-cross.

1. Situation / you now
2. What's blocking you
Cards 1 and 2 together give the dynamics of the situation or the problem you're facing.
3. The basis of the problem / what's causing it
4. Focus on
5. Leave behind / don't do
6. Advice for the future / actions you can take.

Eddie's Cross Clarity Spread
The spread forms a long cross


1. What am I dealing with, as I see it?
2. The reality of what it is?
3. What is influencing this?
4. What was a contributing factor?
5. What is coming up?
6. Potential outcome?
7. Advise.

All-Purpose Compass Spread (6) By Glass Owl

"Your inner knowing is your only true compass." ~Joy Page


1. Question or Current Situation
Where you find yourself presently. The heart of the matter.

2. The Weather
Forces or energies bearing down on the situation presently, affecting it for better or worse. (This card crosses card 1.)

3. Recent Past
Where you were before. The foundation or root.

4. Potential Developments
What can be seen in the horizon. This is the direction the situation is heading towards and may serve as a warning.

5. A Step Backwards: Forget This
What holds you back or weighs you down. Reduce, discard, or avoid this negative energy to make the best of your situation.

6. A Step Forward: Remember This
What motivates you to grow and provides you with a sense of purpose. Nurture and embrace this positive energy to make the best of your situation.

Nisaba's Even-Armed Cross


1) What is the immediate issue that needs your attention
2) Best you can aim for right now
3) Your anchor (what's weighing you down)
4) History (what brought you to this point)
5) Where do you go from here.
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