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Originally Posted by TreeLeafe
I'm interested in studying with you all!
So it's 5 minor cards a week plus a major?
That's doable to me.
I'm not familiar with the BG series or its symbolism so I'll try my best to add lots of input and after a while I'm sure I'll be jumping in with the rest of you all.

Yes, we (so far BelovedK and I) are starting with the Wands first, so the game plan is Ace - 4 this week and a Major that she drew (Justice). Feel free to start a thread whenever you want if this doesn't work for you . The study group is free flowing. We just came up with something that works for us and we will see how everything goes.

I am signing off to shower and bond with my Ace of Wands. This deck is going everywhere with me as of tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Libra8ca
I'd love to participate too. I've been using my BG quite a bit over the last year so this should be easy for me. Looking forward to everyone's input 5-6 cards a week sounds good to me.
Great. We have a group .
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