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Bohemian Gothic (2nd Edition) Ace of Wands

In this card I see a throne of stone that looks like it is carved into a crypt, or mausoleum. In the throne sits a skull with a golden scepter and it wears a gold ornate crown on itís head.

So, the feel of the card is one of warning, like a skull and crossbones might bring, it is a sign, one that should not be ignored. It is warning that though it may seem like your new path will bring you success and achievement, and it may... you may not be able to enjoy the fruits of your creativity because a part of you will not survive. Which part will survive remains to be seen, it is time to either commit to it, or turn back. Is it wise to continue? or wiser to turn back and forget that you had the calling?

Another take I have on it is that if you take the first steps onto this path, the naive/innocent part of yourself will be put to rest and you will gain much power, the kind of power that we gain from being totally taken down, from reaching the Ďlow pointí and building back up (from going through a death.) (this was a passing thought, one I am having trouble putting words to.)

I canít wait to hear what others have to add.
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