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This is my first BG deck. And I'm not used to the artwork style. I see some similarity to the RW style in some cards but in others, I can only sit here and wonder curiously why they chose the image they did. I'm sure though once I see other's impressions and opinions it'll become much clearer.

The more I look at this card, the more I see new things that I hadn't before. Almost like this card comes alive. And with this,Intuition-wise, I get a feeling that this card speaks "newness". I see that the sunlight (which can represent fire- a common association with the wands suit) has started to shine on the statue. This represents the newness I felt. I see the wand's tip is modeled to look like a flame- another association with fire. I see both the wand and crown are made of gold. In my faith, Gold is attributed as a masculine metal and thus reminds me of the dominance in wands. Also the crown reminds me of kinglyness and again to dominance.

So putting it all together, I can see this card representing a new situation that is dominating (Or prevalent) and full of energy.
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