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Bohemian Gothic (2nd Edition) Two of Wands

There is a haunting element to this card (much like many others in the deck). A man stands in the left corner of the card and holds his wand upright. He is focused and appears to be stepping towards his goal as he walks down a path. We donít see where he is going or what he is looking at. However, behind him is a ghostly apparition of a woman. Who is this woman? Is it someone from his past or is she symbolic of a previous weight on his shoulders, something that held him down? She gazes at him, almost as if she is sad to see him go. In the background, we see the remaining ruins of a building covered in ivy and grounds that have run wild. The sky is cloudy and bats fly in the top right corner. They too, have escaped, at least temporarily and I feel like they are representative of freedom and survival.

When setting out to tackle something or start a new project, we may carry heavy burdens or have concerns that may taint or delay our journey. By staying focused, we can overcome obstacles and come out better in the end. Stay on the path and see what happens. Sure, you can always go back, but by doing so, we are taking a step back. You may have been comfortable or perhaps you were stuck in a holding pattern. Look at things with a new pair of eyes and see where your path takes you.
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