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Originally Posted by Libra8ca
The book describes the man with the wand as a ghost hunter who is so determined and focused that he fails to notice the ghost behind him.
Recently I was looking for an item and asked the deck where it is and I got this card! I guess it's somewhere obvious and I'm just not seeing it
So if this card comes up it may be pointing to someone/ something who does not want to be seen or is overseen for some reason.

I now have the book on the way (yay!) so that I can compare my interpretations with Baba's. I'll go with mine--since that's the beauty of reading the cards--but it helps so much to see what they intended. The more variations in what we all see, the better.

Originally Posted by BelovedK
In addition, this card impresses on me that he is waiting, but not noticing the figure/spirit on the stairs that seems to be waiting for him to notice her. He is calm and a bit bored, and if he would only turn around, he would find what he is seeking.

Ready to move on, but if he would only look back one more time, what he has been seeking is there.
Your interpretation coincides slightly with what they intended. I do see this now.
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