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It took experimentation. I had a bottle of Modge Podge. The runes were drawn on white paper, cut out into circles that fit on the back, given a layer of modge podge on the paper, the marble set on top of that & turned over to dry. Then a layer of Modge Podge over the back of the paper & up a bit past it by 1/4" onto the glass. That dried, but when two touched, they would stick & one would pull off like a sticker from the back, so what I did was go to the Dollar Store & get a bottle of clear nail polish & OUTSIDE (fumes!!!) put clear nail polish over wherever the Modge Podge was. THAT did the trick.

They could be squished together & not stick at all after that. And heat and humidity didn't affect it either. The marbles were from the Dollar Store, I think the whole thing, even with fabric & cord for pouches, cost me $7 for all 30 sets (not including the jar of Modge Podge which I got on sale at Michaels for half price, I think $1.70).

Just make sure you use the nail polish outdoors. Those fumes will kill brain cells.
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