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Originally Posted by greatdane
Anyone else journaling card by card? I started going through the BG (am into last suit right now), jotting down my initial thoughts about each card, looking through lwb, a couple of my tarot books for perhaps other options I hadn't thought of, in other words, just immersing myself into the cards one at a time and kind of introducing myself to them and hoping they will do the same! It's been a very worthwhile journey and am thinking of it as a prelude before really getting into a study group.
Hi greatdane . Yes, BelovedK, myself, and I think some others are doing this right now. I am creating threads as I go along. BelovedK and I are working on about four Minors a week in order (if possible) and one Major (drawn randomly; we are alternating weeks). Others are following along, but anyone can post a thread at any point. Right now, this Study Group actually feels like one .

This deck is becoming a very special one for me. The cards just pour out so much information, easier than I thought they would. This little deck speaks to me and is becoming a close friend.

Hope you join us!
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