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Originally Posted by greatdane
I appreciate that feedback! And DITTO! I was wondering how the deck would read for me (even though I thought it was soo great before I even got it! I didn't have any other BG's before the pewter!) and am enjoying it immensely. It is a different read for me than some other RWS, but then I expected and wanted that! I will indeed try to follow along and for right now am going to go in and start reading all your thoughts! :-)))

. Likewise about the readability factor. I went into this study thinking I wouldn't focus on just this deck, but it is the only one I have been using, save for some other decks that I am using in the Reading Exchange circles. For some reason, right now, I just want to take in everything about this deck in order. That may change. I have two pewters, but one has two badly damaged cards (ruined corners - eek! due to packaging), so I am keeping my one study deck in order. I plan on getting a standard 2nd. edition, so when that comes, I can shuffle the pewter and use the standard to study with. I also have the 1st edition kit on the way with the deck and book, which will make for some great reading and deck comparisons .

I am reading the images--creating stories with the cards. I am using background knowledge of course, but am truly trying to read what I see. There are so many layers - love it.

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