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I posted the following spread awhile back in this thread.

I basically took a lot of people's ideas (Cat, SilentBreeze, le fey, rwcarter, afrosaxon, BeyondTheVeil, etc) from this Collaborative Spread Creation Thread and threw my own ideas into the mix. This is what I came up with. Modify to suit your own needs.

My Fidelity Clarification Spread (8) by Glass Owl


1. Current state of the relationship
2 Partner's view of fidelity in this relationship
3. Querent's view of fidelity in this relationship
4. Why the Querent suspects their partner has cheated on them in the past 3 months or that their partner will cheat on them in the next 3 months.*
5. What the Querent needs to know about the partner's fidelity or lack thereof
6. The most important thing the Querent needs to know about what's going on with the partner.
7. What does the querent need to know most about dealing with the situation**
8. How will the relationship change/not change in the next 3 months*

* You can change the time frame to something else if you prefer.

** "This could point to many different things, depending on the previous cards. It also depends on the querent's own limits. For example, some people are willing and able to let infidelity go if it's over already; others would still feel deeply betrayed and would want to leave/kick out their partner. Others again may get advice about improving the relationship to avoid cheating in the future here." -Cat
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