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Fairytale Tarot (MRP) -- Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords, which is a card I frequently have difficulty seeing any nuance in , is masterfully represented in this deck by the tale of the Frog Prince, a nicely annotated version of which can be found here.

Not surprisingly, the original story is more complex and subtle than my memories of the childhood tale. In popular culture the idea of a princess kissing a frog usually implies, or states outright, that the poor princess is suffering more than she ought to.

In the original story, however, she is no more than a spoiled brat (like some princesses I have met in real life). The poor frog lives up to his end of the bargain and ends up used and abused and even flung against a wall. The princess's multiple acts of betrayal convey the essence of the card.

In a surprisingly modern twist for an old story, however, this Princess ends up, not eaten by a troll or some other just punishment for her wickedness, but married to a handsome prince (transformed from a frog).* The companion book explains, not entirely convincingly, that because the old stories frequently used physical beauty to symbolize goodness, the princess is supposed to be good at heart and the prince can expect her to come around eventually. Eh. What can you expect from a partner who throws you against the wall because she thinks you're ugly? I like the Shrek 2 (an underrated movie IMO) plotline better: princess who could have a beautiful form or an ogre form chooses the ogre form willingly because it is "true love's form."


*I have read that the opera "Rigoletto" was very controversial after its debut in the nineteen century because the wicked, wicked Duke goes unpunished.
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