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Going to post a quick reply here, but maybe at some point we might want to move this conversation over to "tarot decks" or somesuch place? (Mods?)

The Arthurian Tarot is, as far as I know, the one deck that Caitlin and John created together (I shan't mind at all being corretced on this - I'm just reading my bookshelf here LOL)

Caitlin also has to her name "Celtic Book of the Dead (oracle), Celtic Wisdom Tarot (love the book, havn't used the deck yet), and Da Vinci Enigma.

John has Celtic Shaman's pack, Celtic Oracle, a new cave painting one, name escapes me sorry (didn't like) and "Wildwood Tarot in the pipeline.

Thing is, the artwork for all these decks is done by others, the Matthews' skill is in the myth, literature and writing, rather than art.
So, it depends what you, what speaks to you, as to which you prefer. I'm finding Caitlin's work more "me" but that is a personal preference They did choose to write a lot on the Arthurian theme, several books which don't link to tarot but are more or less scholarly, the year-long course, other supporting materail for the pack, and the celtic theme (because this is not a medieval style deck, but earlier) does now inform much of their work as I understand it. So, you may be right to describe this as their "Magnum Opus" but I would certainly take a look at their other work if you get the chance

Pathwalker (a Matthews fan LOL)
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