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This morning I cut the top and bottom borders (with the titles and numbers) off these cards.

It's a beautiful, vivid deck and the pictures - in most cases - ignite the intuition very well, but I've found over the last couple of years that the irrepressible urge to try to reconcile or match up these cards to other, more traditional decks is a huge intellectual distraction and tangent. It stresses me out and leads to indecision over what the readings are actually saying and therefore to inaccuracy. I really wanted to just be able to relax and use this one (more often and) with greater ease, because I like it a lot.

So, I cut the words off.

The things is, in a fair few instances, not only are the genders (and therefore numbering) switched around or displaced throughout the deck, but the actual concepts represented in the images are quite different to what I'm accustomed to when I reach for a tarot deck. Sometimes it seems like they are divided and recombined in various cards. Sometimes it seems like things are included or excluded uniquely in this deck, as compared with other ones. Obviously, a lot or most of it is heavily influenced by traditional tarot (RWS tradition, as far as I know; I'm not familiar with or even interested in the other systems), but there are enough differences that I'm thinking, now that the words are gone, it's probably going to function more like a non-tarot oracle for me.

Wondering if anyone else has done this, or thought about doing it? (I'd thought about it many times before today. Finally, I just went ahead and did it.) Experiences? Thoughts?
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