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A hidden Rune?

Looking at the five of Wands after so many months, and reading the newest observations has highlighted something new for me.

Observe the central figure, totally focused regardless of the chaos around her. Noet also the two above her on the tight-rope - their two wands meet and join with the sun. Could they be lighting it in the darkness or lighting their wand/torches from it? The image works either way. There is a central axis formed by the two wands of the tight-rope walkers and the wand held by the central figure with the sun itself as the zenith. The tight-rope walkers form two sides of a triangle with the sun and wands forming the apex. Join that with the central axis and you get a Tyr Rune (Tiwaz).

The Rune Poem for Tiwaz: Tyr is a token, it keeps Troth well with Noble Men. Ever on it's course, through the mists of night it never fails.
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