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Pearls of Wisdom ~ Eight of Pentacles

A happy and prosperous woman sits painting what looks to be a treasure chest. She has on pearl earrings and a pearl necklace with gold medallion. On her work bench beside the chest, her pallette of paints and a cup full of brushes is a pouch, spilling over with coins.

A crystal hangs in the window and its light casts a rainbow which ends at the chest. Her pot'o gold! Oh my. I see now that the wall is lined with these chests and beneath each, hangs its key.

On the window sill sits a pot of flowers. I keep calling them Tiger Lillies. This flower is on a number of cards. Must check the book at some point.

Runic Associations:
Fehu - Possessions, fulfillment, ambition satisfied, rewards received, Nourishment

Raido - Letting Right action Flow, regulating excess, Communication, Union, Journey, Keeping within limits
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