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Tonight I received this deck from America. It's hard to know where to begin. This deck is simply stunning.

If you the Fool's line of vision you can see a face in the clouds and over to the right I can see two more faces. It is as though the Gods have sent someone to watch over Fool as he steps over the cliff.

And the immediate world where the Fool is present is crystal clear. It is as if to say that when he engages with the chaos it becomes something calm , beautiful, contained. It is still mysterious. full of archetypal symbols and a lovely energy but it is no longer chaotic.

By embarking on the journey, we engage with the world, changing it with our passage. We too become like the elements but what we bring is our experience and vision of humanity, ever seeking. We become alchemists, changing the world with our presence and actions. Each moment that we live is significant.

For some reason, this thought reminds me of laura borealis's wonderful vision of the cosmos in a thumb.
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