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The whole style of the card is different. It's much more structured, less intuitive, more deliberate. The figure is smaller, does not have the same power as most of the others.

I do not feel "part" of this card, drawn into it as the other cards can draw me; there is a sort of invisible wall between me and it. I do not feel that this card came out of the same "trance" or half-dream that MP describes as her working process.

But of course I was not there, so really I don't know!

Oh, and of course something else... it does not do the magic trick the others do (another reason why I feel it is not really part of the deck) -- my favourite magic trick, the upside-down trick. No, the Fool is inarguably oriented, right-way-up only. And of all cards, in my opinion, it should not be!
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