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anyone else made use of the blank Medicine cards? (Jamie Sams)

I have just finished adding 4 more to the decks. (I have two decks, one of which is used at my spiritual development group)

have just had a quick look back and have seen I have added the following:

Orangutan (forgiveness)
Leopard (accepting limitations)
Mole (keeping low profile)
Bee (play to your strengths)
Polar Bear (adapting to quickly changing circumstances)
Penguin (adaptability / being different)
Tiger (solitude/self reliance)
Gorilla (misunderstood / restraint of power)
Elephant (returning to secure/known environment)
Kiwi (compromised / up against odds)
Kea (problem solving / knowing when to utilise skills of others)
Meerkat (being alert / taking initiating action)
African Wild Dog (sustained effort)

Just wondered if anyone else has added to their deck, and if so a) which animals b) what do they represent to you.

Some of these have been life long favourite animals, others I have come to love and appreciate through working as a volunteer at a local wildlife park.

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