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For Franniee

Whilst I'd like to keep this thread as a resource on predictive techniques and methods, you raise some interesting issues. So it might be a good idea to post a new thread with your questions relating to your own Solar Returns and I can cross reference it with this one. That will keep this thread general enough for everyone to get an overview and then raise specific questions relating to their own situation within the main discussion forum.

We will of course be looking at some of the techniques mentioned in more detail as this thread continues, so Solar Returns will no doubt be getting a detailed consideration in terms of approach and techniques.

Like Dave I have some concerns about your transiting Pluto conjunct natal Pluto - It depends how tight we define conjunction, but even allowing a wide orb of 8 degrees (far too wide for Pluto) and allowing for the fact that Pluto turned retrograde 4 months after your birth and retraced it's steps across your natal position, Pluto cleared the conjunction range by your fifth birthday, and will never return to it (unless you live to be 246)

From your description of the chart it matches the one I cast but if I turn on Pluto (Ugh!) SR Pluto is in your eighth trining your natal Sun.

So Again, please post in the main forum and we can look at specific issues relating to your SR chart(s) for this year.
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