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Thanks for the input Dave.

For those following a Traditional approach, or simply exploring it, as part of the learning process, Dave's distinction between 'Directions' and 'Progressions' is a modern one. You will find little reference to 'Progressions' within the Tradition till the Seventeenth Century when Plaicidus di Titti developed two methods - the first he called 'Secondary Directions' and are the direct precursor of the Modern Secondary Progressions, based on advancing the horoscope for one day for each year of life. The second technique he called 'Secondary Progressions' and was based on a synodic month for a year. Placidus tried to claim Ptolemaic authority for his techniques but his reference to Ptolemy is at a point where Ptolemy was discussing Profections. Placidus' Secondary Progressions have largely fallen out of use but his Secondary Directions are still alive and kicking as modern Secondary Progressions (though Placidus did not intend all planets to be used, merely the Hylegical planets and points).

Directions were simply a movement of a promissor towards a significator (see Primary Directions later in the thread) giving the impression that the significator is moving forward in the 'direction' of the zodiac - i.e. forward through the zodiac in the direction of the signs.

Dave's reference to cycles is important - Astrology makes great use of cycles both in its Traditional and Modern guises. This isn't really the place to discuss these cycles in major detail (maybe the subject for another thread?) but remember that even in Mundane Astrology, a long term period of 10 years may be as far into the future as it's safe to go, (and many would question even that).
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