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Planetary Periods or Time Lords

One of the oldest forms of prediction is the idea of Planets governing specific periods of of life. This can range from the very simple to the very complex. A simple approach would be to take the Triplicity rulers at the time of your birth (that is for your Ascendant). Two or three rulers have been used in this scheme. If you were born during the day (after sunrise but before sunset) the Day Triplicity ruler would rule the first part of your life, the Night triplicity ruler would rule the second. This would be reversed if you were born at night. Some Greek schemes had a third, 'participating' ruler and if used, this would rule the final third of your life.

The big problem of course is that we don't know the length of our life at the outset (though there are Astrological techniques which claim to measure it accurately from the natal chart), so when the changes come is difficult to estimate. I was born at Night with a Leo Ascendant, so my first period would be governed by Jupiter the Nocturnal Fire Triplicity ruler, my second would be ruled by the Sun (the day ruler) and my final period would be ruled by Saturn (the participating ruler) The use of Saturn might appear very strange as few if any would classify Saturn as 'Firy' but Saturn is a diurnal planet and Fire signs are seen as naturally diurnal. Given that Sun and Jupiter have already been used and Mars, Venus and the Moon are nocturnal, the only other candidate would be Mercury. Mercury however is seen as a bit odd, taking his nature from the time of day and association with other planets. My guess is that I have now entered my Saturn period.

There are a number of systems that get round the problem of changes by giving the planets specific durations for their rule. Variations are found in Hellenistic, Vedic and Persian systems and their use in the West lasted well into the Medieval period. The origin of the various periods for each planet appears to rest in their cycles, either relative to the Sun or in the case of the Sun, its 19.0 year period is derived from the metonic cycle between eclipses in the same degree of a sign.

For a more detailed coverage see Rob Hand's website

and for the Persian periods:

Recently I have developed an interest in 'Zodiacal Releasing' or Aphesis, The starting point does not have to be the Ascendant, but can be (in principle) any of the Greek Lots. However, only two seem to be widely used.

Aphesis measured from the Lot (Part) of Fortune tells us something about ourselves - the 'What I am' giving periods relating to health, happiness, financial stability, etc. Aphesis from the Lot (Part) of Spirit tells us something about 'What I Do' - Career, hobbies, friendships and associations, etc.

Calculating the periods can be rather time consuming, as they don't necessarily break down into easy fractions. However there is a useful free program for people interested:

The technique of Zodiacal Releasing works in signs rather than planets - starting with the sign in which the relevant Lot is placed. Each main period is divded down into twelve sub periods of equal length and these in turn can be divided down still further.

There is also a variant used by Vettius Valens, which uses the signs in order from the Lot but limits the length of each period to the number of years associated with it's ruler - so a Leo period will last 19 years taken from the Sun's metonic cycle.

I'll use Valens' system as it is the one programmed into Zodiacal Aphesis and therefore will match any downloads.
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