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Thanks for the feedback Franniee. Seem to be some hits in there just using the main and first sub period.

You might be interested to know that for your accident of 9th October 1997 came in a level 3 Scorpio period (next level down) ruled by Mars, which ran from 22nd September till 30th October. Mars is associated with accidents and is Lord 12 in your Natal chart (using whole sign houses), and Scorpio is the sixth sign from your part of Fortune.

If we shift down a further period, to level 4, the accident occured in an Aquarius period ruled by Saturn (the skeleton) which ran from 4th October to 10th October. So now we have a six day period when you might have accidents (Mars) to a bone or bones.

You don't give a date for the surgery, can I guess at 9-11 November which was a Mars Level 4 period (Scorpio again) in a Level 3 Virgo period (Virgo squares your Part of Fortune) The Virgo Level 3 ran from 3 November till late December.

A Saturn Level 4 Aquarius period immediately preceded it in the first two days of November, which I suppose would add symmetry to the situation as the accident was in a Saturn Aquarius Level 4 period. There was another Saturn level 4 period from 20th to 26th November.

Now I don't use this method, so in a real sense I'm looking to see if it throws up ANY significant hits.

BTW was the injury to your lower back?

BTW2 your point on the sticky is noted - for the Firdaria I'll post the Firdaria reading as a separate thread, as I've given the links in this thread already.
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