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Originally Posted by Grigori
Where is the line between the realities of the universe (as understood in the BoL) and the recommended social actions of a Thelemite.
Recommended social actions?

Look at the development of the Will of deity through the Torah to the Book of the Law.

1) Torah: It contains 613 separate commandments. 248 positive injunctions and 365 negative injunctions. If you find yourself in a dilema and don't know what to do you look in the OT and it tells you what to do. It's spirituality for kids who can't be trusted to behave themeselves. Do as you are told, or else!

2) New Testament: Not many rules this time, so there's more freedom of choice. But to help you choose you get a handy role model called Jesus. If you find yourself in a quandry you say, "I wonder what Jesus would do". Of course there is still the "threat" of punishment for getting it wrong, but you can always fess up and repent.
It's essentially a teenage level of spirituality. Not quite full autonomy. But there's a lot more freedom than in option 1.

3) Thelema. Grown up time. 1 guiding rule. No role models. Total freedom but also total responsibilty. You f*ck up, you carry the can. If this is too much then options 1 and 2 are still there for you. But in essence this is like leaving home, but being forced to return with your tail between your legs because you couldn't hack it on your own.
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