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Originally Posted by OldComment
3. This whole book seems intended to be interpreted literally. It was so taken by the scribe at the time.
Yet a mystical meaning is easy to find. Exempli gratia; vv. 4-9.
This seems to imply a duel meaning. Did Crowley change his mind after writing it?

Originally Posted by from New Comment
It seems as thou this "god of War and of Vengeance" is then merely one who shall cause men to do their won Wills by Going as Gods do, instead of trying to check the irresistible course of Nature.)
So is Crowley saying Grigori is better off punching Aeon418 in the face for stealing his $100, then they both shake it off, pat each other on the shoulder and get on with the going instead of staying bogged down in resentment?

Or if Grigori was in his mindful state, the loss of $100 wouldn't bother him so much? Maybe the going is more important to Grigori than the $100?

Or if Grigori was in his mindful state, he wouldn't have let his $100 get stolen?

I like the resentment angle Zero. That is one I can identify with.

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