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Wow! I love this one!! I love these cards. They're beautiful and so is the verse...

This reminds me of many aeons, each one captured in a frame and then superimposed... in the fall colors of the harvest...time bends perspective somewhat, and life forms change, but one can still see and feel the there is also a sense of timelessness

I wonder if the Woman is from 1st world? Is the boat she speaks of the boat that was given to the suvivors of each of the worlds disastors and that has carried them to new land and new life? She has many stories to tell.

There is something very kind about this woman. She wants to share all that she has, all that she knows, and all that she is...we are a part of her..she is illuminated by the Sun...and has great Joy in being alive.

Firemaiden, thanx for all the translations...I've been reading them and enjoying very much..hope no one minds if I comment from time to time...I'm enjoying others comments too!

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