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Don't get me started on used bookstores! There's a thread somewhere that asked if you were a god or goddess, what would be your name be. Now I know...I am Antiqua Libraria, Goddess of Used Bookstores!

I regularly visit about 4 or 5 in my area, and they are excellent sources for many classic tarot books. Going through my collection, here are some of the cards and books I've gotten at used bookstores:
  • The Tarot, Paul Foster Case
  • Pictoral Key to the Tarot, A.E. Waite
  • Mythic Tarot Workbook
  • Choice Centered Tarot, Gail Fairfield
  • Faery Wicca Tarot Deck & Book Set
  • Kalevala Tarot
  • Medicine Woman Tarot
  • Goddess Tarot
  • Tapestry Tarot
  • Morgan Greer Tarot
  • Lo Scarabeo Art Nouveau Tarot

...and that's not even the entire list! It's wonderful to find out-of-print books, etc. at these stores that you never thought you'd see again!

It's a dangerous addiction, lunalafey, but it does have it's benefits!

Have fun!


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