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The Priestess

I personally love this depiction of the Priestess

When I look at this card it is done in black, white and gray, with just a little red.
The black means death,
the White means purity,
the Red means passion,

The Moon enjoys Silver, soft and smooth substances like her dress, also the Moon isn't behind the bare tree of autumn, but is the veil along with the fog/mist, between the Priestess and her sanctuary.

Her book floats before her, she needs not to touch it, for it is a magical book and can flip the pages it self, to me it means, all the knowledge you want to know is before you, and you don't need to physically touch/reach for it.

The serpent/snake on her arm, is endless time. she wears a pack of 3 arrows on her back, and a lit black candle at her side.
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