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Wink I am sorry -- too much has changed as of 2011- my Etteilla decks differ

I use Editions Dusserre or Papus' Divinatory Tarot. I reported Lismon Etteilla 1890 differences with Grimaud 1900 and similiarities in the Modiano 184 1948 thread and attachedfree lists of keyword meanings there from the French Ettiella decks and Papus and Modiano 184 1948.

I believe those who want general summaries will find my suggestions very narrow, as my comparisons lately are historical within limited means.

No, I do not use Husan for Eudes Picard or Etteilla. The links or attachments in my Modiano 184 1948 thread gives more direct comparisons or information if you care to be befuddled in these fussy bits!
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