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Hello Kraw, your mailbox is full so I had to ask this here

Do you mean the copied excerpt in post number one from Mary Greer's Timeline that she lists as Jeu/Fool as 0? I haven't changed her text.

I am sorry if I haven't made clear which excerpt from her timeline leads into my notes, if you are asking what her text means. Please let me know.

Or do you mean you want to know what I now find attributed to Card Zero or #1 in my Etteilla Lismon 1890 or Etteilla Grimaud 1900 or the Editions Dusserre booklet? I will look that up for you if you are asking me to check my decks/booklet.

Card 77 is Perfect Contentment, Ace of Disks. Card One is Consultant. Card 21 is African Despot with Dissension upright, Arrogance reversed. Are you asking me if there is a Madman in the Etteilla tarots? I looked quickly and did not see it in the 1890/1900 Etteilla tarots. If I find one in the Editions Dusserre booklet, I will let you know.

In Card 78 of the 1890 Lismon Etteilla, there is "Folie of the Alchemist" and in the Grimaud 1900 Etteilla the "Folie" is upright and reversed with what looks to be a small circle on both ends upright and reversed--so at the ends, you could think this was a zero. This is a begger hunched over with a mountain top in the distance that he is facing and the spotted cat is munching on the back of his knee.

I have been looking at so many sources for my Etteilla/Modiano 184/Papus Divinatory Tarot comparisons, I am sorry that I am wondering what number one you are asking me to check asked a simple question, I know, but I am comparing different Italian/French decks and books these days.

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