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Using the Thoth deck

I draw these cards:
court: queen of cups
minor: 5 of wands
major: adjustment (VIII)

1) What I am experiencing:
I am acting like a queen of cups,
someone trying to be in touch with her unconsious, emotions and dreams.
I find myself in a 5 of wands situation,
in which i experience some (minor) obstacles, through struggling and dealing with them i become consious of my own possibilities/abilities in this field.
Because of adjustment,
which describes my need to adjust myself and to find balance again and again, as i get a greater awareness of my inner self.

2) How can I best deal with this situation?
I can use the attributes of adjustment,
to find harmony in this ever changing and ongoing process.
In order to deal with 5 of wands,
that expresses my "desire" to learn and develop through struggle,
which is experienced by my inner queen of cups.
She is the one who keeps me true to my inner self.

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