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When I look at the High Priestess I see the highest form of femininity - ruler and giver of the life force - blood. She creates life through her own body and blood, a mystery unrevealed. The dark blue - communication with oneself, the turquoise - balanced heart/mind, the red - passion, violet - spirituality, white - purity. It looks like she is pointing to her left eye as if to say, "No one sees what I see." She is the embodiment of intuition; she knows every blood cell in the vial and can tell you what will become of it. I don't think the leaves are oak leaves - too masculine. They may be willow or pomegranate?
Even her throat is covered up to reinforce the passivity of the card. All things come to those who wait. She is balanced between the two towers of light and dark. In this instance it actually looks like the sun might be out and that isn't moon light on the right tower but sunlight and she has her back turned from the masculine of the sun but resides, passively between the forces of light and dark.
When I look at this card I get a sense of powerful, passive, knowing; aloofness; seclusion; initiation.
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