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Lightbulb Full pool vs. empty goblet

In the second edition, there seems to be only one extra to this card (if it is indeed an extra--it might not have been visible in the first edition)...the eldest "sister" has two red dots on her neck indicating bite marks. As all three are pale as, well, vampires and the traditional meaning of the 3/cups is very often about sisterhood, my take on this is that the little ones have brought in their big sister. That one or both of them bit her in order to maintain the sisterhood.

And there is big sister, still so recently "turned" that the marks are livid on her neck, gazing wonderingly at the bats, amazed at how lovely they are. Why was she ever afraid of them? She seems to be marveling in her new state while the little one basks in having her older sister with them at last.

And good point about the empty goblet. We are assuming it's empty and needs to be filled, but perhaps it was part of the ritual to turn the older sister? In order to turn someone into a vampire, they must be bitten, but they must also drink vampire blood. Maybe the goblet, now empty, was filled with blood from the little vampire sisters and shared so big sister could become like them? Maybe it's empty because what was in it was consumed.

Or maybe, as we suspect, that third sister has found a target to fill their "picnic basket" (aka, the goblet).

Visually, I love how the waterfall is filling a basin suggesting water pouring into a cup. That pool behind them is a full cup that keeps getting more, maybe representing sisterly love that never runs out, that is always more than enough? While in the little sister's hand is an empty goblet suggesting, a dark, otherworldly thirst that never can never be sated, that will always feel empty and thirst for more?
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