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Originally Posted by ncefafn
She's wearing the color of "coming out of mourning", suggesting to me that she's married again, to the vampire who made her. So while her old lover is dead, she's got a new husband and a future with him to look forward to.

Also, note that she's standing outside the graveyard. She can't enter because it's holy ground.
I like the idea of the 5 of Cups following from the 4 - but I don't think the flowers are dead and I think she is in the graveyard.
The flowers look to be white - the colour of hope? What about the enclave with the headless person holding a cup and book? Surely, that means something? Something about knowledge of hope remains? I keep thinking of that line from Lord of the Rings, where King Theoden says about the white flower "Cymblemirna, the white flower that covers the grave of my ancestors; shall now cover the grave of my son". . . that sense of hopelessness but hope at the same time.
Somehow the white means rebirth . . . .
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