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Talking Decisions, decisions

In the second edition, is easy to see that our woman is wrapped in rich, red velvet--it looks to be a cloak slipping off her shoulders, as well as "toasting" with what very much looks like a little after-dinner glass of blood. Her look is very excited, very "ready-or-not-here-I-come!" This makes her seem less like a maid from below stairs and more like girl from a more aristocratic family.

The card in the 2nd edition has, I think, much more of the feeling of a vampire who is risen from her coffin in the cellar, excited and having just a glass to fortify her before she goes on the nightly hunt. The moon has risen and she's envisioning all the exciting things she might do while the moon is high and the night is young. Decisions, decisions

Good point on the unconscious and her being "underground" coming up, Alisa.
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