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Chute as upright

Hello Mike H

A forum search of Lismon Etteilla touches on the upright Chute-but I only mention it as no one else seemed as obsessed as myself, and Kenji posted a picture on his website this card in color.

I also noted the translation of Papus' Divinatory Tarot had followed the idea that birth /naissance was upright, as did Waite's Key to the Tarot.

Here is a brief summary of the Edition Dussere's translation of Chute as upright ... am typing one finger at a time during a power outage...

No 35 - Ace of Wands

A complete rout, a fire or serious illness are predicted by this card, but you will more likely than not escape everything that threatens you. Alongside no 19, it speaks of the danger of enslavement after being defeated by enemies under whose power you risk falling. If the card is drawn for a young lady, she must be careful to check if n. 40 accompanies this card, because love could make her fall in a trap that is in danger for her morals and reputation.

Inverted, this card is a sign of birth. It announces to you and yours a long line of descendents if it is associated with n. 11. Some outstanding personages will be in this line, if instead of n. 11, it is n. 14 that is beside. Alongside n. 39, it announces your descendents will commit one of the seven deadly sins, greed in particular.

Egyptians named this card the rod of Moses and regarded it as always auspicious when the right way up.

...end of card meaning.....more on the cards later..

And just a felllow traveller's sigh...the obscurities of the so-called- Etteilla patterns do show up in such odd places and to me are linked with 19th century folklore, romantcism and may be too divergent and wayward to yoir main goals. The pretty cards of Grimauds various decks circa 1900 to me just seem like lovely nostalgia of cartomancy.

I do not know if odd 19th century folklore of cartomancy adds much to what you are seekimg


I have been in a power outage and running early to work, then out for awhile
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