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According to the 3rd 'cahier' of Etteilla's book "Manière de se récréer avec le jeu de cartes nommées tarots" (1783), of which I have photocopies, No. 35 (Ace of Batons) means "Naissance", and when reversed, "Se défier de la premiere victoire". These are the same as the meanings given in Edition Dusserre's booklet of "GRAND ETTEILLA" deck (p.11 & 14). Meanwhile, the same booklet gives the opposite meanings (Upright "Chute" & Reversed "Naissance") to the No.35 card at p55, which is included in the section most probably derived from "Dictionnaire synonimique du livre de Thot". So, I suppose Julia Orsini followed this "Dictionnaire synonimique" rather than D'Odoucet.

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