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Etteilla etc.

Originally Posted by MikeH
Again, thanks for saving me some work. Since I do not have a modern Grimaud Grand Etteilla and don't know what "LWB" stands for, I assume you mean that the zodiacal correspondences are the same as in Mary's time-line. But he doesn't in 1785 yet have the planetary correspondences in the suit of Coins. Is that right?

I am also confused by his description of No. 1 as representing the head of a man (or the man). I see no head of a man on that card, unless it is the shape formed by the contrast between light and darkness. What does Etteilla mean? Is he speaking of the visual shape on the card, or of what it symbolizes. And is that "head of a man" what connects the card to the Pope of the Tarot of Marseille or to "Etteilla" and "Questionnant," the 1789 keywords on the card?
LWB is the abbreviation used by tarotists for the "little white book" containing card meanings and divination methods that frequently accompanies tarot decks.

The LWB enclosed with the modern Grimaud Grand Etteilla deck only links the first 12 cards of the deck with the zodiacal signs; this accords with what can be found described in Etteilla's "Fourth Cahier". Here on pages 17/18 Etteilla instructs the reader to inscribe the first 12 cards of his deck with the signs of the Zodiac; he links these with the parts of the body they were thought to rule by astrologers: Aries the head, Taurus the neck and shoulders, Twins the arms from the shoulders to the fists, etc. The Grimaud LWB also states that in actuality these astrological correspondences play no part in the "jeu", for they aren't relevant to cartomancy but to astrology, and they shouldn't play a part in our interpretations, but are only given for the sake of documentation!

However, on page 22 of the Cahier I notice Etteilla instructs the reader as follows: "Ayant du tracer, comme je vous temoigne, les douze signes ou caracteres des signes du Zodiaque, sur vos douze premiers feuillets, if faut a present marquer les caracteres des sept Planettes, & les trois caracteres des noeuds ascendans & descendans de la Lune, & partie de fortune sur vos dix hyerogliphes des deniers, vous reportant sur le supplement au troisieme Cahier, pages 95 & 96"

So there you have it.
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