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Thanks, all. I wasn't familiar with the 2nd thread that Bernice located, the one where Cerulean posts the "Julia Orsini" translations. I will study them and compare them to my "Julia Orsini."

Kenji. Thanks for the reference to book 3 of the "cahiers" and its connection to the Editions Dusserre booklet. Wow, all these people with the "cahiers" in front of them, a book virtually absent from libraries, or at least per WorldCat!

As for your later discussion, Kenji, how do you know which version of card 35 comes from which source? According to Revak, Papus gave his reference as the "Dictionnaire," and Papus had "Naissance" as upright and "Chute" asreversed. Or did he misquote the "Dictionnaire" so as to correct its error? And how do you know what D'Odoucet wrote? Do you have his book, too? If not, could the change to "Chute" upright and "Naissance" reversed have started with "Orsini" in the 212 page book of c. 1838?

Ptah: thanks very much. That's exactly what I wanted to know.
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