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I'm sorry MikeH, Grimaud Grand Etteilla 1900-1910 Ace of Wands

I am not certain, but the wording in your post above seems incorrect.

Mike H says:
In the suit-card keywords, the most notable difference—pointed out by Cerulean early in this thread--is that in the Ace of Batons, card 35, “Chute” is upright and “Naissance” reversed, whereas in Etteilla II it was the other way around (except in Cerulean’s 1910 deck)

My Lismon Etteilla 1890 is the only deck I have where Chute is upright.
I am hoping that post #46 and #49 answered your question

My Grimaud Grand Etteilla 1900-1900 has Naissance as upright and Chute is reversed. See scan please.

Maybe I am not reading you clearly, but there seems to be mistake in your post implying my 1910 Grimaud Grand Etteilla Ace of Wands is the same as my 1890 Lismon Etteilla Ace of Wands.

If I am mis-reading you, I will delete the note.

I think I also tried to correct you on this point previously--pointing out it is the 1890 Lismon Etteilla that is:

"My 1890 Lismon Etteilla is Chute is upright

and my 1900 - 1910 Grimaud Etteilla is Naissance upright and Chute is reversed."

I'm trying to bring it to your attention again, if I am reading you correctly.



P.S. I am very appreciative of your detail and if you are the MikeH that has the website that I admire very much, there may be a way that some color scans can be forwarded to you, although they may take some time.
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