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I have a question for Samada, Cerulean, or anyone else. I thought the old Grimaud Etteilla I of Samada's was quite beautiful, at least the trumps that she put up on her website. Not only that, but the keywords corresponded to the 1789 Etteilla I, such as I know them. Are the suit cards of this deck, or any similar deck of around that vintage, posted anywhere on the Web?

If not, can anyone tell me which suit-cards of this deck have different keywords than the ones Cerulean listed for the Etteilla II, and what those keywords are, on the old Grimaud? From pictures so far available to me, I could only find them for 16 out of 56 cards. I am trying to understand more fully what the changes were between I and II, and that version of the Etteilla I seems the most authentic around, aside from the actual 1789 decks themselves, which I am assuming no one participating on this thread has a complete set of.

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